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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CF Doesn't Bring Me Down

Even when those dreaded Hospital Stays come around, I still don't let it bother me.

After I finish college at Texas Bible Institute, I want to go to Texas Art Institute to learn how to make professional videos and movies, I want to make christian based movies, something the whole family can enjoy! And I want to make music videos for Christian Artists, like the ones in my playlist.

I go into the hospital about 3-4 times a year, and even then I try to make the best of it. Everyone with CF will tell you, they are WELL known at the hospital, when I go in, the doctors, the janitors, the lunch lady, even the construction workers know my name, birthday, social security number....just kidding. But they do know my name, and I'm able to make some good videos because of it.

Here are 2 of my favorites, Hope you Enjoy!!

My lips dont line up on some parts of this one, but im told that's sort of my signature! Besides its hard to work with windows movie maker when it gets all freezy on ya!

This is when my friends Chris, Ricky, and (SCARLET) came to visit! That was a fun day!


Kellee said...

Thanks for confirming that most CFers are in fact the coolest peeps ever!!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I second that Kellee ;-)

That was hilarious!!!! A good way to end my day, thanks!! =)

Lucy's mom said...

You're a funny guy! And your friends seem like cool people that would help you tear up a hospital, no problem! I love it!