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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ipod touch+Vest=HIGH SCORES!

Today I'm taking the time to reply to all the messages and comments sent to me about my blog.

What ever suggestions about my daily routine, or if you have anything you want me to write about on my blog, Feel free to message me!!

I also want to make my blog the best it could be, I want it to be easy to read as well as informing and entertaining, so I try to keep the writing short. On the other hand it wouldn't matter to me if 1 or 1,000,000 people read my blog as long as that 1 person that DOES read it gets inspired to get on track with their medicine schedule, learns to lean on God through the good AND the bad, or just plain gets a better understanding of CF and tries to make the best of it.

While I was on my Vest today I learned that as well as serving a good purpose to my lungs, it can also give me the best high score ever on a game called Tap Of War, kind of like Tug Of War.
Is that cheating? Certainly Not. Right? lol

My high score is 1,695! Can you beat it?

Also, I'm currently working on a Cystic Fibrosis awareness video and I will post it as soon as I get finished, I would appreciate it very much if you guys AND GAL's (wink wink) would watch it.



Egg Sandwich- 250calories
2 apples

Some kind of concoction of Macaroni, chili, and potatoes! (it was gooood!)- 400calories3 ensures- 1,050calories, 39grams of protein

3 ensures- 1,050calories, 39grams of protein
2 Hot Dogs-600calories

6 ensures(milk drip)- 2,100calories 78grams of protein


CURRENT WEIGHT- 129.6 (I actually lost 0.3lbs, YIKES!!)


(a.k.a. the mother of all workouts)
Most of the are 30sec because, come on, ANYONE can do something for 30seconds!

Warm Up- 7min.
Jump Squat- 30sec
Run Stance Squat- 30sec
Airborne Heisman- 30sec
Swing Kick- 1min
Squat Reach Jump- 30sec
Run Stance Squat Switch Pick Up- 30sec
Double Airborne Heisman- 30sec
Circle Run- 1min
Jump Knee Tuck- 30sec
Mary Kathrine Lunges- 30sec
Leap Frog Squat- 30sec
Twist Combo- 1min
Rock Star Hop- 15sec right, 15sec left
Gap Jump- 30sec
Squat Jack- 30sec
Military March- 1min
Run Squat 180 Jump Switch- 30sec
Lateral Leapfrog- 30sec
Monster Truck Tire- 30sec
Hot Foot- 1min
Cool Down

This workout really kicked my butt, I needed a shower BAD!!


1:30pm- Albuterol & Vest
1:40pm- Hypertonic Saline(while on Vest)
2:00pm- Pulmozyme
(still haven't got the sterile water for the colistine)
2:20pm- Flovent

4:00pm- Albuterol & Pep

6:00pm- Albuterol & Vest

10:00pm- Albuterol & Vest
10:10pm- Hypertonic Saline(while on Vest)
10:30pm- Pulmozyme
10:40pm- Colistine (Yay!! Finally got the Sterile water!)

After all that I managed to find one of my old ID's from the 9th grade and I thought I would Compare it to my other ones to see how I've grown, Check it out! (my favorite is the 9th grade one)


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