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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something New

As I've been reading more and more, finding out how many CF patients are healthier and feeling better through exercise, for example Ronnie Sharpe, a guy who has CF and RUNS! yes RUNS! miles a day! Along with him there are many other "CFers" who are exercising daily and are benefiting from it.

I wanted to experience this FIRST HAND, so today, I'm trying something new...well almost new.

I've had this set of workout DVD's that are supposed to get you ripped in 90 days, collecting dust(as many things workout related do) for almost a year.

They're called P90x, Power 90 Extreme, and it's packed with tons of cardio and weight lifting routines. I wanted to be the first "CFer" to try it. So starting today and for the next 90 days, I'll track my lung function, weight, as well as write down the workouts for that day.

I'll post pictures of my progress through the weeks. Today was day 1 and I started "Chest and Back"

Here is my day 1 picture



Hash browns- 580calories
Cherry Pancakes- 915calories
3 Ensures- 1,050calories, 39grams of protein

2 Ensures- 700calories, 26grams of protein

Cocoa Puffs- 390calories
6 Ensures(on milk drip)- 2,100 calories, 78grams of protein

Total Calories- 5,735
Total Protein- 143grams



Today I rode my bike 1 mile to warm up for my P90x Chest and Back routine.
Chest and Back

Round 1
Warm Up Stretch
Standard Push Ups- 10
Wide Front Pull Ups- 15(chair assist)
Military Push Ups- 10
Reverse Grip Chin Ups- 15(chair assist)
90 sec rest
Wide Fly Push Ups- 10
Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups- 15(chair assist)
Decline Push ups- 10
Heavy Pants- 16reps w/15lbs
90 sec rest
Diamond Push Ups- 10
Lawnmower- 15 reps w/35lbs
Dive Bomber Push Ups- 5
Back Flys- 16 reps w/15lbs

After round 1 my little arms got tired so I had to move to my knees on the push ups:(

Round 2 (inverted of round 1)

Wide Front Pull Ups- 15(chair assist)
Standard Push Ups- 10 (knees)
Reverse Grip Chin Ups- 15(chair assist)
Military Push Ups- 10 (knees)
90 sec rest
Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups- 15(chair assist)
Wide Fly Push Ups- 10 (knees)
Heavy Pants- 16reps w/15lbs
Decline Push ups- 10 (knees)
90 sec rest
Lawnmower- 10 reps w/35lbs
Diamond Push Ups- 10 (knees)
Back Flys- 16 reps w/15lbs
Dive Bomber Push Ups- 5 (knees)

AB Ripper X

In & Out-25
Seated Bicycle- 25 forward, 25 backwards
Seated Crunchy Frog- 25
Crossed Leg/Wide Leg Sit Ups- 25
Fifer Scissors- 25
Hip Rock 'N Raise- 25
Pulse Up (Heels to Heaven)- 25
V-Up Roll Ups- 25
Oblique Roll Ups- 25 on each side
Leg Climbs- 13 on each side
Mason Twists- 25


10:20- Albuterol & Vest
10:30- Hypertonic Saline
10:50- Pulmozyme
(no colistine) I ran out of water to mix it with:(
11:00- Flovent

2:00- Albuterol & Pep

8:00- Albuterol & Vest

10:00- Albuterol & Vest
10:10- Hypertonic Saline
10:30- Pulmozyme
(no colistine)


Kellee said...

Oh my gosh!!
M and I just talked about getting this just today!!

I cant wait to see how it does for you!!
Your progress will determine if we do it or not good luck!!!

Dan said...

Alright my man! As we say in the Navy, HOOYAH!!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Man, I don't have to say anything! Looks like Kellee has already turned up the pressure on you. 90 days is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity...I can't wait to see the results!


CFMama said...

Intense program, I have the DVDs laying around because I previewed the pullup and pushup one and got intimidated. Make sure you eat ALOT because the intense activity makes you realllllly hungry and tired.

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That's awesome! Way to go! Can't wait to see the end results;-)
PS. Shame, shame on your lunch Mr.!!! ;) Although you had a good breakfast;-) Keep up the good work!