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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back at it!! (FOR REAL THIS TIME)

I've been a little "down in the dumps" or whatever you wanna call it but I was really encouraged yesterday to start something different and "push through the tough times".

People with CF or CF parents find it easy to create systems or schedules to keep them on the right track daily FIGHTING CF! That's good, don't get me wrong, but let me point out the flaws in that:

I'll compare it to working out, because that's the only way I know.

When you workout, You come up with a plan that may work for about 3 weeks, during this 3 weeks you will see a dramatic change in your body, your stamina, strength, maybe even your body will visibly be different. After the 3 weeks, however, your body goes through what is called a plateau. This is when you stop seeing your dramatic changes and your just maintaining. What you have to do to continue to see the dramatic changes is CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUT.

Here's the Kicker, With CF we will come up with systems, schedules, plans, blah, blah, blah, etc. They WILL work....for about 2-3 weeks, some of us will get lucky enough to make them last for a month or 2. After that, in reality your body, and your mind will get "bored" of doing it and shut down. You will eventually, like I did, miss treatments, dread getting up in the morning, or just completely stop everything. THIS IS BAD!!! DON'T GO THERE!!! What you need to do is constantly change your workout schedule, try new things with your pills, different pill containers. Get new nebulizers, new nebs always do the trick when I get bored with my treatments because I just gotta try them out!

Change your systems up as soon as you feel like you can't do something because, "you don't have time" or whatever the case may be.

Ok now enough of that lets get to the videos that motivated me to get BUSY!
these videos were made BEFORE I made the "Tough Times" blog, and incredibly, I didn't even watch them before I made the post.



Breakfast- Coffee from Starbucks (which it's pretty good, but I don't like the idea that 1,000s of people around the world would DIE if the local Starbucks shut down. Plus coffee stains your teeth, hence the picture! My teeth are YELLOW! My 3rd cup in my whole life and my teeth are STAINED..I probably should have brushed them in between my 3 cups over the last 2 years)

Unknown amount of calories- probably 800, it was a vente (that means large, grande doesn't.)


2 HOMECOOKED Pizza burgers- 1,000 Calories, unknown protein
2 ensures- 700 calories, 26grams of protein

2 Giant ham sandwiches- 1,030 calories, 40grams of protein
Gatorade and Caprisuns- I don't count sports drinks:(

6 ensures- 2,100 calories, 78grams of protein


GOAL WEIGHT: 150lbs (Pure muscle:)) lol
CURRENT WEIGHT: 130.2 (down about 5lbs) BOOO!


Before I exercise I found it helpful to take a few puffs of albuterol along with huff coughing and pep, then to RECOVER, after my workouts I did a 30min vest with Hypertonic Saline, Pulmozyme, and Tobi.

Praise and Worship during Church (if that counts, lol) I don't think it does, but I was jumping high!

30mins Jump Roping (Yes JUMP ROPING)

I got a new Jump Rope yesterday and I want to start doing it everyday, I tried it with some phone wire the other day and it made me cough up a LOT! And I felt real good afterwards!!

1 hour of Jump roping after Church


7:00AM- Albuterol & Vest
7:10AM- Hypertonic Saline(while on vest)

I WAITED 20mins UNTIL I DID MY PULMOZYME (I was informed through a conversation on twitter that your not supposed to do Hypertonic too close with Pulmozyme)

7:50AM- Pulmozyme
8:00AM- Tobi

1:00PM- Albuterol and Pep(Pre- Workout)

3:00PM- Albuterol and Vest(Post Workout)
3:10PM- Hypertonic (while on Vest)
3:50PM Pulmozyme
4:00PM- Tobi

10:30PM- Albuterol and Vest

1 comment:

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Welcome back Fibro!!!!!! We all have some peaks and valleys in this Cystic Life...key is to walk up the peaks and sprint through the valleys! Sounds like you're doing just that!

You are right on about changing up your workouts. Doing the same thing over and over can get very boring. Plus, switching it up keeps your body guessing!

I'm cheering for you and in your corner!