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Monday, August 17, 2009

I got my GAME on

Okay my CF bloggy Friends,

First of all, I would like to say, Thank you for all your prayers and support on my birthday Saturday! as well as the prayers and support most have you have given me throughout my entire life.(mom)

And second, I have to admit that for the past 10 days I haven't written a NO EXCUSES post, and quite frankly I haven't done anything (BOOOOOOOO!!!). BUT before you quit reading this and remove me from your following list, you should know that as of today, I got my GAME on. (Hooorayy!!)
I will continue my NO EXCUSES posts tomorrow;)

Writing a NO EXCUSES blog does take some time, and I can think of 1,000,000 reasons (excuses) not to do it. But when I read the title I know there are NO EXCUSES to bettering(if that's a word) your life. The NO EXCUSES posts help me, ultimately to stay focused, when I read the previous post I know when I did my treatments, how much I ate, and weighed....And it helps me know what I can do better the next day.

Now I will try not to BORE you with details of my daily routine, so above each post I will think of something to write, whether its something funny that happened that day, a funny picture or event, whatever comes to mind. Even me rambling on about why I do this blog:) And PLEASE, if you have any suggestions on how I can structure my NO EXCUSES better, or things I should write about, what ever you can think of, feel free to e-mail me anytime at caseyjones343@yahoo.com.

I've been Tested physically..

This MONTH, I've really felt like no matter what I do to help myself and others, It doesn't matter, no one will appreciate it, I shouldn't be doing my treatments and stuff, because when my next doctors appointment comes its not gonna matter anyways, cause I've already experienced "as good as it gets". How can my lung function possibly increase?? ya know. So I just felt like no matter what I do it wont count, so why should I TRY?

I've been Tested financially...

I've been stressed out about money for some reason, this month more than ever. God has blessed me more than ever financially, and every time I need money for something there he is with just enough, or more than I need to pay for the things I need. And with CF, most of you know Its not possible to get a decent job when your trying to keep your Medicaid, Thank God for Medicaid. Just adding up all the hospital stays, pills, treatment supplies, feeding supplies, would just be overwhelming. Having Medicaid is like receiving a gift of $20,000+ a month. So how can I complain? I am living off Social Security so that I can pay rent, car note, cell phone bill, food, clothing etc. The problem is its only $400 or less a month, and that's as high as it goes....for me. I have a $400 past due cell phone bill (over 2 months), and I just had an oil leak in my car which costs $700 to fix, and I have to pay my college $600 by the first of September, Now you tell me how I can do that with $400.

I've always been faithful with my tithe and offering, and I know that God will supply me with all my needs. Plus, How can you ever get UP if you've never been DOWN?

I've been Tested with my family....

Because I haven't been doing my treatments, I wake up cranky, I feel sick, and I really don't want to WAKE UP. Having a bad mood on a Sunday morning is not the best idea. How in the world can you go to church and praise God when before you even got out of the house, you've already broken like half of the 10 commandments??? Thank God for forgiveness.
Because of my stubborn nature I can't go to my parents for my financial or physical problems, so we haven't really been getting along...It's mostly been just me coming home, going straight to my room, shutting the door and not coming out till Sunday or Wednesday for Church.


There's good news! God has grace. I realized tonight and a little of last night that I WAS WRONG! I need to do my treatments and pills no matter what, if I have a bad doctors appointment, that should be even MORE motivation to do better next time. I learned how to take care of my finances, spreading my money around in all the areas in payments so its not so overwhelming, and most of all I learned patience, something I thought I've always had( its not the kind of patience you have waiting in the ER for 19 hours) But the kind where I have learned to talk to people instead of ARGUE, and I've learned to LISTEN! Yes that's right Casey Jones has confessed in writing that he had a problem LISTENING! Tonight was the first time I've really talked and LISTENED with my family and we are on GOOD TERMS. We're gonna go to bed and get some good rest tonight!!

So anyways, that's what has troubled me this month, some parts even longer. But I'm SOOOO glad its over and I will continue to have my GAME on from now on, I hope. lol


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Alright, now it's game time!!!


Katey said...

Glad you have your game on now :)

The whole financial thing...i feel like i'm in the same boat too! Although I'm still on my parents insurance and don't have Medicaid....i wonder sometimes how I'm going to pay certain things, etc. I've always been faithful with my offering/tithing too! This past Sunday....i really needed all the money I had to buy my textbooks. But I hadn't been to church in awhile because of certain reasons and knew I had to tithe, because that's what God wants us to do. And not even 5 minutes after I put my offering in the plate...i got a text message asking me if I could babysit! And most times....God definitely rewards me and it's amazing to see that!!!

So I know you will be fine!!!!