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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hey everyone! Today was a so/so day, since my doctors appointment....(and everytime I have a good doctors appointment) I go into this lazy/distracted/my report was good so now I don't have to do anything phase. You know? And today there is NO EXCUSE for missing 2 treatments, not working out and missing my pump last night. The only person to blame is ME!

What I wanted to know is:

Is there any other CFers who do this? You get a good report, or you finally start feeling better, and this SHOULD keep you motivated to stay on track, but instead you feel like "ahhhh!!! Why Can't I just have a day off???"

Please comment me or email me and let me know if you go through it, or what you do to get out of it...Thank you!

On the other hand, Today I did invent a good food Item for CFers out there if you want to get 1,450 calories, and you have a good appetite.

I was sitting around the house and thought, "hmmm...What would go good on this ham sandwich?" "I KNOW!! A CHEESBURGER!!" lol

So here's My Cheesburger Ham Sandwich;)


Kellee said...

Ahhh M totally becomes a slacker after a good visit!! I really have to act kinda crazy to make him snap out of it...ie: hide the playstation remote or take the cable out of the tv.
So I am so gonna come and hide your bubble bath mix from you if you dont take the lead out ;)!

Samuel's Mommy said...

My little guy is almost 2 and we fall into the "doing good - do nothing" trap. When he is doing well, we sometimes think we can skip his treatments. I have to realize he's little and can't do this for himself so it's my responsibility. And I try not to beat myself up over it too much.

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

It's a matter of taking two steps forward and one step back...but wouldn't you just want to take two steps forward and use that as momentum for steps 3-10? Makes A LOT more sense.

As far as your sandwhich, I've got a suggestion: Use two grilled cheeses as the buns of a burger. Give it a shot and tell me what you think...


einstein said...

hi.. I'm new here..
I dont know anything about CF and i read about CF.. i'm sorry..

Lovin Lane said...

NO, THERE ARE NO OTHER CFERS THAT DO THIS.... THAT IS CRAZY... GET BACK ON YOUR PROGRAM.... Okay so that was the crazy mom in me that says you must do your treatment no matter what.... lol Treatments = Better Life.... Your honestly is wonderful, now go do your treatments... We are Lovin Casey..

Ali said...

Hi there!

That happens to me all too often...
I do my meds really really good for the two weeks prior to the appt..then after the appt I do pretty bad..its a cycle.
And because of that cycle, I'm seeing a therapist, LOL.

That cheeseburger ham sandwich actually looks pretty good!