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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today I was reading in Job and I found out two things:

1.) The devil has to ask God for permission to tempt us.

2.) When challenged with sin it could be as easy as saying, Lord I will not sin against you, devil you lose!

This was a revelation to me because I realized when we chose to sin we chose to let the devil win athourity over us, which is a lie because we are WARRIORS so we walk in the athourity of Jesus with our shoulders broad!!

Also I am reading in Smith Wigglesworth, Ever Increasing Faith, and it said according to matthew 12:44 if you are healed, and you continue to willfully sin, you will be far worse off than you were before! After this I had to pray that I had not been fully healed;)

I now have something to say against my flesh that desires to sin and the devil; "I will not sin against you Lord, devil you lose!"

I do believe 100% that I have been healed from cystic fibrosis and MANY MILLIONS will be saved and changed by the testimony! So Monday I am going for a sweat test to prove it.

In other CF related news:

I've gained 10lbs in 5 days and my right lung is clear after being clogged my while life, which further proves my healing! 

Father God I pray that everyone who reads this doesn't in any way think that I had anything to do with your healing of CF, that ALL the glory goes to you and when I get that doctors notice that says CF NOT FOUND, that faith begins to increase like never before and millions will be saved to join you in the kingdom of heaven, and I thank you that your word says, "your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" which means we don't have to wait for heaven to walk in health! In Jesus name: amen.   


Anonymous said...

Awesome Casey!! I love you.-

Dan said...

Dude, let's have the results! Can't wait!

Mary ElizaBeth Peters said...

I think you're great. And I love your passion for faith. I also want you to know that even IF you have CF, and even if you struggle with it, God loves you. God loves you enough to give you CF and to use your body and your faith as a testament to others. No matter what CF does to you, God loves you. God would never use CF to punish a person. You are loved, even in your struggle. With great respect, Beth Peters

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That was awesome!! Great job! Thanks for sharing the great news;)