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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With God everything goes higher!

Hey everybody, God is doing so much in my life right now i've got so much to say about what he's doing and what I'm doing. As of right now I'm on a buss about to head over to Katy church. Last week we had road to emmaus, which was an amazing experience! I'll have to show you guys pictures on that and tell more about it when I get to a computer. Anyways my pft's a great and the only direction they can go is up! Becaus with God everything goes higher!! So I had a Dr's appt. This past Monday and, My fvc is 83% and fev1 is 72% and I gained 3lbs. Thanks everyone for your prayers, God is great I love you guys!! Remember Mark 9:23 " everything is possible for him who believes." that's straight from Jesus Christ himself!!


Dan said...

Stay healthy man! And stay faithful!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

Great to hear about your increased numbers. You're always in my thoughts my man!


Katey said...

Congrats on the good doctor's appointment with the PFT's and weight gain! Keep up the good work. I'm so happy that God is doing amazing things in your life right now. Like you said, nothing is impossible for those who believe in Jesus Christ!