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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holidays in the hospital!

Hey everyone!! Man I miss being on here!! So what is going on in Casey Jones life?
Well today I'm in the hospital, I'm getting out tomorrow!!!! 2 weeks ago I had a doctors appointment and my lung functions increased 9%, but from a previous 20% drop, it was time to come in for a tune-up;)

When your in the hospital it can be two types of experiences; Good or bad.
When I'm in the hospital I try to make it awesome and with my friends and families help it always is!

On Christmas my family came over and spent the night with me, my youth pastor brought me all kinds of decorations for my room and we had a photobooth!

On New Years we had decorations and a dance party It was fun!!!!!

All hospital stays, even HOLIDAY ones can be Fun!

So thats my holiday update, Sorrry it's so short, I'm exited to get out tomorrow!! And I'm pumped for 2010!!! God Bless You, and leave lots of comments!!!