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Monday, October 11, 2010


Oh wow. It has been a long time. Hopefully people still read this thing, if not oh well, at least I get to get something off my chest.

So a lot has happened since the last time I was on here. I graduated bible college and started working at my church. Right now I am in the hospital and I'll probably be in here for a couple of weeks. I want to get up to 150lbs at least. I've been spending a LOT of time in prayer and in the Word. God has shown me lots of new things and revealed to me amazing truths. He really has made me a new creation, and given me a new heart-His heart. All along I have been claiming to be a new person but 1John talks about if you don't know Love then you don't know the first thing about God because God is Love.

When I found this out I was pretty concerned- Not knowing God?!?! That's a big deal, I mean were talking about my eternal state here. So for weeks I would cry out to God and ask him to take over my life and change me. And on August 7th, 2010 in the hospital I layed on my back for 3 hours while God poured his Love out on me. He showed me who He really is. This God has a big Heart, He created every single one of us and desires to have an intimate relationship with all of us individually. He Loves the WORLD. I mean go check out John 3:16. But I didn't love the world. I loved Casey, I was concerned about others but I didn't Love them. I wanted God to bless me so I could be somebody, not so I can glorify Him. I thank God for giving me a heart for the world, because EVERY believer is called to the world. The reason why 1.4 billion people have never heard the name of Jesus and 26,000 children die everyday from preventable diseases and starvation is because His disciples aren't doing their Jobs. I refuse to sit back and be ordinary, I'm determined to be RADICAL.

This brings me to my next subject, The Radical Experiment.

Experiment: a course of action taken under controlled conditions in order to test a claim.

Living a life of a disciple isn't easy, Jesus didn't promise that. Matthew 10 explains that the life of a disciple is dangerous at best. Over the next year I am committing to 5 things...

1.) Pray for the entire World- there is a website called www.OperationWorld.org which provides specific information on Countries in great detail of what to pray for.

2.) Read through the entire Word- No matter the conditions I will read everyday until I finish the entire Bible.

3.) Sacrifice my money for a specific Purpose- Not just the general "poor" but a specific need in my community.

4.) Spend my time in another context- Over the course of a year I will spend at least 2 weeks in another environment and share the Love of Jesus.

5.)Commit my life to a multiplying community- in Matthew 28 Jesus commands us to go out in the world and preach the Gospel, teach obedience and make disciples, I will make disciples!

These Challenges as well as a ton of great information are explained in detail in the book Radical by David Platt.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! -If your willing, I would like to pray for every person specifically that has Cystic Fibrosis. It could be general or it could be personal. But everyday I will commit to praying for all my Cystas and Fibros. So if you will, my email is caseyjonese343@yahoo.com, send me and email letting me know what to pray for, and I can send you my phone number and pray with you directly too, if possible.

You see the life of a disciple and the life of a CFer doesn't mix. CF is designed to keep us down and out all the time. That is not God's will, God's will is that we are HEALED COMPLETELY. So we can bring Glory to his Name and fulfill what he has called us to do.

I am believing for complete healing for your lives and mine. I'm already taking some Radical steps in pursuit of being totally free from the bondage of Cystic Fibrosis, I'll explain a little bit later. So send me a message if your interested, and leave me a comment on what you think about this post- Good or Bad, I'm an open guy. But hopefully good.

God Bless!


Kellee said...

So good to hear from you!! AMAZING post like always!!

Denise Jae said...

Casey, I was introduced - officially - to Jesus thirty years ago. And on a separate occasion two weeks later,surrounded by a small circle of women who prayed for my baptism in the Holy Spirit, I experienced His Love as a feeling of warm oil beginning at the top of my head, flowing slowly downward, engulfing me completely. Amazingly, His Love didn't end where I did! I even perceived His Love in front of where I sat, behind me, to each side, surrounding me. Your post brought that all back to me. Clearly you are "good soil", Casey. You are boldly embracing God's Word, being not merely hearer, but a doer His Word. You're one who offers, through his own trials, refreshment to others. As you know, refreshment in the Lord is like a precious gem to those who are weary - priceless!