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Saturday, March 3, 2012

New things in the works!

Hey everyone, I just wanna update you on what all has been going on these past couple of weeks. And since I haven't made a video in a while (Mega Video Coming sooon!!) it is the least I can do:)

I am working on getting a production company started (ATN Productions).
You probably have seen my logo in the beginning and the end of the 40 Day Challenge videos.

Yesterday was the first official day of filming with a client. It was amazing.

Here is a picture:

I busted my knee getting off of a fire truck, lol. Pretty ironic seeing as I was filming a safety video. Safety first kids!

So with all the planning and scheduling going on with the Production Company, not to mention the responsibilities I have with my church involving media (as well as my daily med routine), Making a Challenge video has been put on the "back burner" so to speak.

I do have some amazing ideas for this blog as well as maybe video blogs. I plan to do a blog nearly everyday while I'm on my treatments and every once in a while I will post a video.

Of course, in order to make it more interesting, I am open to suggestions as far as content.
If you have any questions about CF that you would want me to go into detail about let me know. It could be anything from a typical doctors appointment, transitioning from the Children's Hospital to the Adult Clinic, favorite foods to video effect suggestions..

Post your ideas in the comments below:)

That is all I can think of to write for now, so have a great day and I will update ya again soon!!

Casey Mcphail

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